Ghost Hunting Terms

Ghost- the residual energy of a person, animal, or even an inanimate object.

Apparition- the appearance of a ghost or spirit, usually taking the form of a visual image of a deceased individual in either real life or on film. Not all apparitions take form as a visual image. Visual and sound are the most common reported.

Poltergeist- German for “noisy ghost.” It’s a paranormal manifestation that is generally centered around an individual in which objects disappear or are thrown about.

Types of Hauntings:

Traditional Haunting- Also known as Intelligent haunting. The spirit or entity involved is an “intelligent” or “interactive” presence in a haunted location. It is there because of a connection to the site or to the people at the location.

Residual Haunting- It is the most common. It is like a film loop that plays over and over through the years. An event that imprints itself on the atmosphere of the place. It can happen suddenly and play itself at various times.

Portal Haunting- A portal or “doorway” to another dimension that provides access for entities to come into our world. They may be spirits of other people who have lived before or may be something else altogether. A majority seems to come from cemeteries.

Spirits- the actual consciousness or soul of an individual that has passed on and continues to be observed in an area. Most people think “spirit” and “ghost” can be used interchangeably. This is not the case. A ghost is simply a psychic recording or groove. A spirit is the actual soul of an individual who has remained in the material world after his or her physical body has died.